Electric Generator Maintenance to Ensure Your Plant Reliability

Generator is one of the critical equipment on some facility. It is running all day and night to generate electrical power supply that used to run a lot of process in the industry. However, proper generator maintenance will keep the reliability and availability of the supply.

Before we go further to do generator maintenance, it is need to know what kind of failures that usually occur on a generator. The graphic below shows what parts that are mostly affected by generator daily operations after run for a long time

generator part failure statistic

generator part failure statistic


From the graphic above we can see that the most affected part that tends to be failure during the generator operation is the insulation.

From the insulation itself, several problems can occur that showed by the graphic below:


Electric generator failure root cause

Electric generator failure root cause


From two graphics above, we can develop proper generator maintenance program. These maintenance activities must cover the inspection for the generator part above. On next articles I will explain one by one the root cause of failure, how to perform the inspection, testing and generator repair

So stay tuned….

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